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By Dave Loughran, Special to InGame Fantasy

Some days we don’t have time to research players and submit a lineup before the contests lock. On days like this we don’t have the luxury of waiting around by our computers while obsessively clicking “refresh” on our most trusted MLB lineup providers. Life moves fast, but we don’t have to chase it. At InGame Fantasy, there’s no rush picking your teams, and no need to stress over a lineup not being released until 30 minutes before first pitch. Their unique style of game play makes it possible for you to play whenever and wherever you want, with no pressure to finish a game the same night you started. Here’s what separates InGame Fantasy from the other daily fantasy games:

Play in a Relaxed Environment

Hours of research leading up to a night of baseball isn’t necessary on InGame Fantasy. Research on the fly if you’d like by looking into a relief pitcher you aren’t familiar with, or by seeing how the Blue Jays do against left-handed pitchers before you start selecting their hitters. There’s no need to analyze every pitcher from every slate, worry about checking weather, or make sure a specific player isn’t hitting towards the bottom of his respective lineup. Playing in a relaxed environment doesn’t mean skill isn’t involved, though. Be sure to check out Basic Strategies for Playing InGame Fantasy for more on the subject.

4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 2

It’s hitters only on InGame Fantasy!

No Pitcher Implosions

Unlike other DFS sites, you won’t run the risk of having your night be over before it started when a starting pitcher coughs up five runs in the first inning. InGame Fantasy is a hitter-only fantasy baseball app, where you need not worry about pitch counts, bad umpires or early inning implosions with your pitchers. There is no negative scoring or points for earning a win that may or may not have been deserved. Simply pick the hitters you think are in the best spots to produce and let them do the work!

Level Playing Field

Prize pools are only growing these days, but those Goliath and elusive payouts don’t come without downside. In order to offer such massive prizes, sites must allow multi-entry, which means users are allowed to enter upwards of hundreds of lineups in a single contest. For the high stakes player, multi-entry is an advantage, but low stakes players, also known as “micro grinders”, are severely disadvantaged right out of the gate. At InGame Fantasy, there is no multi-entry, which means the playing field is leveled for all players regardless of experience. You are, however, able to re-enter a contest after your first game/lineup is completed (to complete a game on InGame Fantasy you must record three outs in each inning).

Luck is Limited

There’s no worse feeling than seeing a player who you don’t own go 0-for-3 off the opposing starting pitcher only to hit a homerun off of a relief pitcher late in the game. Your research, analysis and gut feeling were accurate. Everyone else was wrong. But now you’re the one taking a loss because of an unpredictable home run against a no-name bullpen arm. Fret not, my friends; at InGame Fantasy, those unlucky breaks are few and far between. You control your own fate, you never lose games because you didn’t roster a player who had a career game and was heavily owned across all contests.

By Jason Garcia for Fanamana

You know, I’m really sick of hearing women talk about how hot Derek Jeter and David Wright are. If only they could see the uglier side of sports. While all athletes these days are rich, some sure aren’t easy on the eyes. Sad thing is, they still probably pull more tail than the average guy. But I can’t imagine any sane woman mingling with one of these guys. So without further ado, I present to you my version of Major League Baseball’s All-Time All-Ugly Team…

Click on each player name to see his lovely mug.

Position Playersjorge cantu
Andy Etchebarren: Thankfully wore a mask the majority of time on the playing field.

1B Darrell Evans: Rumored to have walked into a window screen at high speed while playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” as a child.

2B Davey Johnson: Pretty scary even without the mustache.

SS Davey Concepcion: Prototypical shortstop, prototypical face for the All-Ugly Team.

3B Jorge Cantu: If only his wild facial hair could cover his entire mug.

OF Otis Nixon: Great times in the 40-yard dash. Looks like it was inside a 20-yard room.

OF Willie McGee: The picture speaks for itself.willie mcgee

OF Hideki Matsui: Almost as frightful as the real Godzilla.

DH David Ortiz: Bears a striking resemblance to Esther Rolle of Good Times.

Pitching Staff
SP Don Mossi: Retired the year before Etchebarren became a regular starter, thankfully sparing baseball fans from viewing the “ugliest” of matchups.

SP Bartolo Colon: Can easily pass for a bloated toad.

SP Randy Johnson: Perhaps another member of the animal kingdom — part ostrich?

SP Pascual Perez: Pretty bad when Melido Perez is the good-looking sibling.Pascual Perez

SP Fernando Valuenzuela: Deadly screwball with looks that could kill. Literally.

SP Zane Smith: So ugly we added a sixth spot to the rotation.

RP Ezequiel Astacio: Perhaps the ugliest man in all of sports history.

RP Julian Tavarez: As a child, thought he would be an adult movie star if he couldn’t be a baseball player. That sound you heard was a mass sigh of relief from female porn stars everywhere.

RP Jesse Orosco: Closed out the ’86 NLCS and World Series BUT…still ugly.

RP Craig McMurtry: Teamed up with Smith on the Braves.

RP Bob Walk: Was primarily a starter, but too much depth in this rotation sends him to the ‘pen.

Coaching Staff
: Joe Torre

Pitching CoachBob Apodaca

Honorable mentionsJack Wilson (SS), Kent Tekulve (RP), Benito Santiago (C)

The Braves seem to be the most common home for the esthetically challenged with six players on the list. The Pirates have four players on the roster, not including the honorable mentions. Zane Smith, Pascual Perez and Julian Tavarez actually played for both teams during their illustrious careers!

Did I miss anyone? Add ’em in the comments below — with a pic of course!