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By Dave Loughran, Special to InGame Fantasy

I’ve recently added a whole new way to play daily fantasy to my repertoire — a mobile app called InGame Fantasy — and now they’ve asked me to help spread the word. Here are five reasons why you need to download it now for iOS or Android at InGameFantasy.com and start playing. 

*NOTE: To get you started, the folks at InGame Fantasy are offering an instant, no-drip 50 percent deposit bonus up to $100 for all new depositors. Tonight’s featured contest is a $3 Triple Up. The top 6 scorers out of 20 will get paid. 

1. It’s a real-time fantasy game4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 1

At InGame Fantasy, there’s no need to worry about checking lineups, batting order, or inclement weather reports; you play who you want, when you want. The objective is simple: pick a player who is on deck, in any game, at any point throughout the game, and let him go to work. Just like a real baseball game, the goal is to push runs across home plate by putting runners on the bases. For example, if you pick Jose Altuve and he singles, you now have a runner on first. Draft Kris Bryant next, and if he goes deep, that’s a two-run jack! You’re afforded the standard three outs per inning, and games last three, six or nine innings, depending on the contest.

2. Winning is easier at InGame Fantasy

Daily fantasy sports site offer some massive prize payouts, but they are met with players who are able to enter 150-plus lineups into the same contest. At InGame Fantasy, opponents can play only one lineup at a time per contest, and cannot gain an advantage by scripting lineups or using advanced algorithms. Plus, the playing field is leveled some since decision making is done on the fly. You can, however, enter the same contest multiple times, but not until you use up all of your outs the first time around.  

3. Play at your own pace

Staying glued to your phone isn’t necessary with InGame Fantasy. You’re free to make picks at your own pace, at your own leisure, and don’t need to spend countless hours researching players to build your lineups. Going out to dinner with the wife or girlfriend? Load a few batters into your queue while she’s getting ready, and put it away until you’re home. There’s no penalty for taking breaks and playing when you have the time. Because InGame Fantasy is an individually matchup-based game, you can put your knowledge to the test at any point throughout any contests. You can also wait for the right matchups. If the Tigers are up to bat against James Shields, but the bottom of their order is due up, you can wait for Miguel Cabrera to step into the box before selecting a batter. Not only is the ability to play at your own pace a luxury, but can also be used as a strategy.

4. Deposit bonuses are instantly playable

4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 2Unlike other sites, where deposit bonuses slowly drip into your account as you play, InGame Fantasy offers instantly playable bonuses upon depositing. This week, they’re offering 50 percent up to $100 for new depositors. For example, a one hundred dollar deposit is met with a fifty dollar bonus that becomes immediately available for you to play. Feel free to check the competition, but you won’t find a deposit bonus as juicy as the one you’ll receive at InGame Fantasy.

5. All games are guaranteed

Each and every one of InGame Fantasy’s contests are guaranteed to run. Because they don’t lock at a specific time like other daily fantasy sports formats, you’re free to join contests at any point throughout the day or night, so long as at least one baseball game is in progress. With InGame Fantasy contests, you can enter and play before an opponent has entered him or herself. Your batters, outs, and innings are not directly tied to your opponents, so you won’t have to worry about the lobby being particularly active in order to get your game on each and every night. The contests will always fill, and as a result, they will always be guaranteed.

Let’s play some ball!

Daily fantasy games have taken the fantasy sports industry by storm over the past few years. Their rise in popularity has been spearheaded by the ever-popular salary cap format, where users draft players with values corresponding to their real-life performance to fit under a predetermined cap number. Daily fantasy drafters spend countless hours charting player performance, hoping to cash in on their forecasting, but once they set their lineups, it’s all up the fantasy gods. Until now…

Fanamana is the latest innovation in the daily fantasy sports (DFS) space, the only game that is played while actual sporting events are in progress. Here’s the full rundown on how Fanamana is a whole new ballgame:

1. Fanamana is built for mobile. Our games are designed to go with you, allowing for…

2. Real-time player selection. In DFS, you assume the role of general manager, assembling the best possible lineup and then hoping for the best. With Fanamana, you call all the shots from the dugout as the manager. You make your picks while batters are on deck in their actual MLB games, allowing you to…

3. Make adjustments as the games are in progress. Is Justin Verlander having another off night? Load up on his opponents! And if the weather doesn’t cooperate or a player gets injured there is…

4. No need to worry about rainouts or injuries. In Fanamana, you only pick players that are actually playing. Every DFSer knows the pain of being burned by a rainout or an injury to one of their players. You spend the whole day crunching the numbers seeking out the best value play, only to watch it all go down the drain when your highest-priced player goes down early. With Fanamana, that is of no concern because there is…

5. No salary cap to bog you down. Don’t get us wrong, poring over stats is still important. But rather than trying to figure out a player’s value based on his assigned salary, you can really dig into the numbers to make your managerial decisions. Is Nelson Cruz feasting on lefties? Should I avoid any Yankees against David Price even though McCann has absolutely owned him in his career? You’ll always be on the edge of your seat because…

6. Fanamana replicates the drama of a real game. Have you ever had bases loaded with 2 outs a DFS? Well you will with Fanamana. The experience is addicting like Candy Crush, and although we want you to play a lot, we also don’t want you to abandon your loved ones. That’s why we allow you to…

7. Play at your own pace. You don’t have to glue your eyes to your phone during dinner. You can make a few picks, eat with your significant other, make a few more and come back before bedtime, or even tomorrow.

8. Oh yeah, one last thing. In Fanamana Baseball, runs are the name of the game, not fantasy points. If Mike Trout hits a double for you followed by a Miguel Cabrera home run, that’s two runs crossing the plate.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your manager’s cap, download Fanamana in your app store, and grab a few bats to start beating your opponents senseless!

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