Football is here! Scoring rules (Fall 2017)


  • You will draft a team of 7 NFL players
  • Players may be added or dropped at any time during the game. (future version will lock in per drive)
  • There is no salary cap
  • Each position will be allowed a set number of events (ex. QB position is allowed 40 pass attempts).
  • Contest continues until all positions events are used up or the set time expires
  • Team with the most points wins. Tiebreaker will be total yards.


  • For each yard a selected player gains your team gains a yard
  • Plays resulting in touchdowns in real game count double (ex. 5 yard touchdown run = 10 yards)
  • Fumbles and Interceptions = -20 yards
  • Every 80 yards gained = touchdown (6 pts)
  • No extra points or 2 point conversion in beta (future versions will add)
  • Objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent(s).

Team Make Up

QB  40 pass attempts
RB1  20 rushes and targets
RB2  10 rushes and targets
WR1  10 rushes and targets
WR2  8 rushes and targets
WR3  6 rushes and targets
TE  10 rushes and targets