Football alpha – Instructions


Login using your email and password from the InGame Fantasy app here –


Once you login you will be asked to join a contest. For this weekends live games join the contest titled “Season Long Live”

To add a new entry to a contest select “new entry” button at bottom left  
Once in contest there are 3 columns.

Left:   Shows the score of current games

Middle:  Shows your current score and is where you will add and drop player

Right: Shows the leader-board of open contest .

To add  or drop a player click on the position you want.  
You can search by player name or team abbreviation  
When you select on a position you will see the results for the position.  
 You can see the scoring rules here

Some things to keep in mind –

  1. This is a alpha version to get feedback on scoring, contest length, lineup make up and other general ideas for making a great InGame Fantasy football contest
  2. We will work on game integrity issues in beta version. This will be worked out before we offer contest for real money (ex. only allowing add/drop while player, instant replays, etc)
  3. While it work on a mobile phone we recommend using desktop for this version
  4. You will need to press the refresh button frequently to get updates
  5. It will eventually look and play like the baseball contest and work in the same InGame Fantasy app