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Welcome, peeps from FantasyPros!

When fantasy lineups lock Friday evening, the action on InGame Fantasy will be just getting started. Fantasy baseball guru Paul Sporer of Fangraphs will be streaming live on Twitch and Periscope for the play-by-play of Friday’s featured contest, Sporer’s Sandlot.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the InGame Fantasy app for a fantasy experience like no other. All drafting goes down DURING games.
  2. Make a deposit with the promo code “FPros” and you’ll get a real 50% deposit bonus (up to $50) that hits your account right away — not like the other sites where they release it incrementally the more you play.
  3. Join Sporer’s Sandlot for $5. The total prize pool will be $150.
  4. Tune into Twitch or Periscope at 7:05 p.m. EST to watch the stream, but also feel free to get in some swings during Friday’s matinee between the Brewers and Cubs.
  5. Sporer will broadcast for a half hour and return at 9 p.m. to take the contest home until it ends 9:35. The top scorers at that time will finish in the money.

Click here for a full review of InGame Fantasy from Brad Richter of FantasyPros, then get strategy tips from FantasyPros featured writer Bobby Sylvester.





State by State InGame Fantasy – 2017 MLB Season (update 5/5/2017)

State Fantasy Sports Legal to Play in State? InGame Contests Offered? Min. Age License or Registration Required
Alabama No No 18 N/A
Alaska Yes Yes 18 None
Arizona No No 18 N/A
Arkansas Yes Yes 18 None
California Yes Yes 18 None
Colorado Yes Yes 18 None
Connecticut Yes Yes 18 None
Delaware No No 18 N/A
District of Columbia Yes Yes 18 None
Florida Yes Yes 18 None
Georgia Yes Yes 18 None
Hawaii No No 18 N/A
Idaho No No 18 N/A
Illinois Yes Yes 18 None
Indiana (1) Yes No 18 License
Iowa No No 18 N/A
Kansas Yes Yes 18 None
Kentucky Yes Yes 18 None
Louisiana No No 18 N/A
Maine Yes Yes 18 None
Maryland (2) Yes Yes 18 Registration
Massachusetts (3) Yes Yes 21 Registration
Michigan Yes Yes 18 None
Minnesota Yes Yes 18 None
Mississippi Yes Yes 18 None
Missouri Yes Yes 18 None
Montana No No 18 N/A
Nebraska Yes Yes 19 None
Nevada (4) Yes No 18 License
New Hampshire Yes Yes 18 None
New Jersey Yes Yes 18 None
New Mexico Yes Yes 18 None
New York (5) Yes Yes 18 License
North Carolina Yes Yes 18 None
North Dakota Yes Yes 18 None
Ohio Yes Yes 18 None
Oklahoma Yes Yes 18 None
Oregon Yes Yes 18 None
Pennsylvania Yes Yes 18 None
Rhode Island Yes Yes 18 None
South Carolina Yes Yes 18 None
South Dakota Yes Yes 18 None
Tennessee (6) Yes No 18 License
Texas Yes Yes 18 None
Utah Yes Yes 18 None
Vermont Yes Yes 18 None
Virginia (7) Yes No 18 License
Washington No No 18 N/A
West Virginia Yes Yes 18 None
Wisconsin Yes Yes 18 None
Wyoming Yes Yes 18 None


  1. $50,000 licensing fee. No plans to file for license at this time.
  2. 3/23/17 registered w/ Maryland Comptroller’s Office
  3. 6/1/16 registered w/ MA Office of the Attorney General
  4. Nevada requires a gambling license to host fantasy sports contest. No plans to obtain one
  5. Licensed 10/14/2016 –
  6. Application pending
  7. $50,000 license fee. No plans to file for license.

So you think you can take down a fantasy wizard? Well, now’s your chance to prove it.

Our resident expert Paul Sporer is taking on five (un)lucky newcomers on InGame Fantasy this weekend. If you can outscore him in a 3-inning game, you’ll pocket $5 in free play. And whoever (if anyone) beats him the worst will score an additional $5 bonus.

How do you sign up? Glad you asked.

  1. Download InGame Fantasy for iOS or Android here.
  2. Use promo code Sporer at signup.
  3. Five winners will be selected at random and announced Friday.

Want some strategy tips before you hit the batter’s box? Go here for a good InGame primer.