We’re engaged … with real-time fantasy drafting

We’ve got some exciting news at InGame Fantasy™ by Fanamana. With the first half of baseball season in the books, we are seeing off-the-charts engagement with average session times north of 21 minutes. That number is more than double the average session length from the first half of last season (9:48), and up over two minutes from the second half (19:21) of 2014. Additionally, 21.4 percent of our sessions for this MLB season have lasted longer than 30 minutes, with an average session time of 80 minutes in that segment.

For comparison’s sake, the average session length across all mobile apps was 5.7 minutes in 2014, and 6.4 minutes for sports-related apps, according to the most recent data from mobile marketing platform Localytics.

fanamana_nfl_game_screen__2x_1024 (1)So how did we do it? Well, we created a way to play fantasy sports unlike any other. The experience of drafting players during games is the ultimate second screen experience and our loyal fanbase can’t help but come back for more. In fact, 80 percent of our visitors returned to our app within 24 hours during the first half of this MLB season.

We’ve added some key features to improve the user experience, the biggest being the ability to apply your draft picks to multiple contests with the simple click of a button. We’ve made our scoreboard look a little more like the Green Monster, so you can see what inning your opponent(s) is in.

So what is next? NFL! And more sports too. Everyone keeps asking when we’re going to have football and how it’s going to work. Well, we can’t share all the details just yet, but we can share a screenshot.

We also plan to add customized push alerts for specific players and a way to undo picks globally if you decide you want to make some last-minute subs in a few of your games, but not all of them.

Other upcoming features to add?

Get in on the fun and download InGame Fantasy by Fanamana now!