Technical Difficulties – All-Star Break Breakdown

As some of you may have noticed before the All-Star break there was a lag in the picks resolving. We took the break to update the code to help speed the process up. Unfortunately when we went back live tonight it caused a minor problem in the game.

OK that’s putting it nice. It was a big F* up.  Each player’s outcome was recorded as the previous batters. So as one honest player wrote us  “I received a HR from JD Martinez when he really K’d” .

Our lead architect stopped dinner at his in-laws and corrected it by about 8:30 PM EST. We thank him for his heroics and ask his beautiful wife for forgiveness.

As a result we are going to refund all paid entry games entered before 8:30 but allow you to play out the results. If you finish in the money we will pay out those prizes. Hopefully all is back to normal.