Fanamana 101: Baseball strategy tips

Fanamana is a whole new way to play fantasy baseball since it’s the only game where you pick batters as actual MLB games are in progress. Rather than shooting for points, the name of the game is scoring runs. If you pick Jose Reyes to lead off and he triples, you have a runner at third with three outs to get him home just like in real baseball. Fail to push him across, and you’ll have to start fresh in the next inning. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are filling out your lineup card.

1. Game plan like a manager would. Know which hitters are hot and cold, and know which pitching matchups you want to attack.

2. Play Moneyball. Go with high on-base players and stay away from the Ryan Howard- and Adam Dunn-types unless you’re desperate for a long ball in the late innings. Big poppers are also worth a gamble with runners on and less than two out.

3. Make in-game adjustments. Just as any manager would, you have to have a feel for the game. If a batter you really liked seems to be struggling at the plate, you may want to keep him on the bench. On the flip side, if you see a player going off, make sure you have him in your lineup next time he’s at the dish.

4. Follow the situations. If you see a team’s offense mounting a rally, that’s usually a good time to pounce. On the other hand, if a pitcher throwing up goose eggs, you’ll want to stay away and focus on other matchups.

5. Use your batting slots wisely. You can only choose three batters at a time so don’t fill them all up at the same time if you know a batter you’re targeting will be getting to the plate soon.

6. Be patient. Yes, Fanamana is so fun that you may not be able to put your phone down. Resist the urge of picking batters just for the sake of picking them. Stay patient and don’t feel like you have to pick a batter every time you look at your options.

7. Notifications. Fanamana lets you customize your push notifications within the app, allowing you to set alerts for various events. Use these to your advantage by staying dialed in with your team.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your manager’s cap, download Fanamana in your app store, and grab a few bats to start beating your opponents senseless!

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