Fanamana Fantasy Baseball Scoring Rules


Welcome to Fanamana. We have created a new fantasy game unlike anything else you have ever played. In traditional and daily fantasy, all the action happens beforehand, but with Fanamana you can participate while the game is taking place.

In our Baseball game, you are the manager of your team and select all of your batters as MLB games are happening. Your selections are then used to create a virtual game where you are matched against other players. It’s a skill based battle of baseball knowledge. The best part is that the goal is as simple as real baseball, score more runs than your opponents. Enjoy.


  • Each contest will have a set number of innings (typically 3, 6 or 9). Some contests may have a designated end time.  
  • A contest is over when all teams in a contest have completed all of their innings or end time is reached, whichever occurs first.
  • Just like real baseball
    • Each inning will have three outs
    • Teams are awarded one run for every player that advances around first, second and third base and returns safely to home plate
    • The objective is to score more runs than the opposition
  • A manager (that’s you) will select their batters as the game unfolds. The manager:
    • will have the choice of any player in the ‘on deck circle’ from an active MLB game
    • may select up to three batters at a time to wait on deck
    • must select the batter before the first pitch has been thrown to them
    • may drop the batter before the player enters the batter box
  • The outcome of selected batters ‘at-bat’ will be used in the mangers game in the order they are recorded by our data provider. If the batter:
    • Makes an out it is an out
    • Draws a walks or is HBP, it will results in a runner on 1st and will advance all forced base runners
    • Hits a single, it will result in aa runner on 1st and all base runners advancing 1 or 2 bases
    • Hits a double, it would result in a runner on 2nd and all base runners scoring
    • Hits a triple, it would result in a runner on 3rd and all base runners advancing 3 bases
    • Hits a home run, it would result in 1 run and all base runners scoring
    • Hits into a fielder’s choice, it will result in an out and no base runners will advance
    • Hits into a sacrifice fly, it will be treated as an out and no runs will score and no runners will advance
    • Reaches base by error, it will result in a runner on 1st base and all runners will advance one base
    • Want all the details? Really? OK there are 31 outcomes from an at-bat and 238 permutations based on base runners you can find all of the results by consulting this table.
  • Once 3 outs have been recorded in an inning, all base runners are cleared and the next inning is started
  • The contest winner is the person whose team scores the most runs
  • If you score the same number of runs the tiebreakers are
    • 1st tiebreaker – most hits
    • 2nd tiebreaker  – most total bases