Same same but different

While I was traveling in Thailand and Vietnam more than a decade ago the locals would use the saying “same same but different” all the time. Originally I thought maybe the word “similar” was too difficult to pronounce. Then I realized this saying has its own meaning.

When you create something new people have a tendency to compare it to another thing they are familiar with. Fanamana Baseball is like that. Sometimes it is easier to explain what we are not.

  • We are not a traditional fantasy baseball league. There are great products to run your league out there and our little startup is not going to compete with the likes of Yahoo, ESPN and CBS Sports.
  • We are not a daily fantasy game. While relatively new, there are plenty of options out there to get your daily fantasy fix.  It is big business. If they don’t go the online poker route, I predict it will be a bigger business than traditional fantasy leagues in a few years.
  • We are not a predictive app. If guessing the outcome of every event in a single game for points or rewards is your cup of tea, there are some cool new apps out there. MLB has a licensed app with PrePlay. There is also FanCake  by Kwarter who worked with TBS last playoffs.
  • We are not a social second screen app. Countless choices here. All are fighting a battle Twitter has already won IMHO.

We combine elements of all four of these with one special ingredient they all lack. Fanamana Baseball plays like baseball. You know the game we all know and love.

The frustration of having the bases loaded with no outs and not scoring. The gratification of a come from behind win. The excitement of a walk off home run. These are moments that will happen everyday in Fanamana Baseball.

Remember when Joe Girardi pinch hit Raul Ibanez for Alex Rodriguez in game 2 of the 2012 ALDS. That is what we have the others don’t.

So please play, offer feedback and help us design this new type of fantasy-ish daily-ish predictive-ish game. Call us what you want, my response will be “same same but different.”