Bug Fix – Picks not getting resolved

So we got to the bottom of some of the issues we had last night with picks not getting resolved.  We get our live data feed from a company call SportsData.  They updated their feed to us to include some new outcomes that we didn’t account for. They were:

  • 3/13/2014 – Added additional pitch outcomes for fielders choice: oFCT2, oFCT3, oFCT4, aFCAD2, aFCAD3, aFCAD
  • 3/20/2014 – Added additional pitch outcomes for reached on error: aROEAD2,  aROEAD3, aROEAD4, oROET2, oROET3, oROET4
  • 3/27/2014 – Added additional pitch outcomes for sacrifice flies: aSFAD2, aSFAD3, aSFAD4, oSFT2, oSFT3, oSFT4
  • 3/27/2014 – Added additional pitch outcomes for sacrifice bunts: aSBAD2, aSBAD3, aSBAD4, oSBT2, oSBT3, oSBT4

Last might if you had Yasmani Grandal at bat when this play happened:

“Yasmani Grandal reaches on a fielder’s choice out, first baseman Adam LaRoche to third baseman Anthony Rendon to catcher Jose Lobaton to third baseman Anthony Rendon. Seth Smith out at home. Yasmani Grandal to 2nd on the throw.”

This resulted in an outcome of  aFCAD2 (Reached On Fielders Choice – Adv 2nd) which we didn’t have in our system. Last season this just would have been aFC (Reached on Fielders Choice). So they’ve now got more granular outcomes but still will be the same outcome in our game as a Fielder Choice out. BTW in case you need a recap the basic rules are here.  Updated TOS and detailed rules are coming.
And you thought keeping score was hard.