Fanamana Rapid-Fire Baseball Rules

Very soon you will be able to play Fanamana Baseball, the first mobile live action fantasy sports game ever. Until then, you can play a Rapid-Fire game based on last seasons’ results. ¬†This version plays a little faster then the live game, since the batters’ results are known immediately. ¬†It will still be available after the live version is up and¬†running, in case you feel the need to get your Fanamana Baseball fix when there¬†aren’t¬†any games¬†going¬†on.

The Basic Rules:

    • Each game will last nine innings
    • The person that¬†initiates¬†the challenge will be the home team
    • The game starts with the visiting team picking a batter from a list based on a randomly¬†selected¬†date and time
    • The outcome of selected players will be used to create a virtual baseball game
    • Alternate turns after each half inning
    • The¬†objective¬†of the game is to score more runs then the opposing team

Batter Outcomes Rules:

    • Single, Double, Triple, Home Run,¬†Walk and HBP¬†= same event in the virtual game
    • Strikeout, Fly Out, Ground Out and Line Out = Out
    • Errors = Errors in the virtual game and will recorded¬†in opposing teams box score
    • Grounded into DP = one out¬†with no runners¬†advancing
    • Fielders Choice = one out with no runners¬†advancing
    • Sacrifice fly or Sacrifice Hit = one out with no runners¬†advancing
    • Runner Caught Stealing = batter will be dropped and the player will need to select another batter

Base-Running Rules:

    • Single = runners on 1st base advance to second, runners on 2nd or 3rd score
    • Double = all base runners score
    • Error = all base runners advance one base

Hope you enjoy. Fanamana Baseball helped us get through the long off season.