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Very soon you will be able to play Fanamana Baseball, the first mobile live action fantasy sports game ever. Until then, you can play a Rapid-Fire game based on last seasons’ results.  This version plays a little faster then the live game, since the batters’ results are known immediately.  It will still be available after the live version is up and running, in case you feel the need to get your Fanamana Baseball fix when there aren’t any games going on.

The Basic Rules:

    • Each game will last nine innings
    • The person that initiates the challenge will be the home team
    • The game starts with the visiting team picking a batter from a list based on a randomly selected date and time
    • The outcome of selected players will be used to create a virtual baseball game
    • Alternate turns after each half inning
    • The objective of the game is to score more runs then the opposing team

Batter Outcomes Rules:

    • Single, Double, Triple, Home Run, Walk and HBP = same event in the virtual game
    • Strikeout, Fly Out, Ground Out and Line Out = Out
    • Errors = Errors in the virtual game and will recorded in opposing teams box score
    • Grounded into DP = one out with no runners advancing
    • Fielders Choice = one out with no runners advancing
    • Sacrifice fly or Sacrifice Hit = one out with no runners advancing
    • Runner Caught Stealing = batter will be dropped and the player will need to select another batter

Base-Running Rules:

    • Single = runners on 1st base advance to second, runners on 2nd or 3rd score
    • Double = all base runners score
    • Error = all base runners advance one base

Hope you enjoy. Fanamana Baseball helped us get through the long off season.

Mobile, in our business, isn’t the second screen, It’s the first screen.”  Matthew Gould, vice president of communications for MLB Advanced Media.

We couldn’t agree anymore Mr. Gould. At Fanamana our focus is to make products that use mobile to produce user-generated content without a companion device. Until the next generation of technology take over (i.e. Google glass or Brain-Computer Interface) mobile is, and will be the first screen for the foreseeable future.

We know that your mobile device spends more time with you then your TV.  The reality is it with you more then your closest friend in the world. Fanamana can’t wait to start making second screen products, but it will be the television that is the second screen.

Ever wonder how to say our name? Well wonder no more.

This is not an official endorsement by Kermit or Sandra Bullock, but Beaker is absolutely addicted and considering joining our next round.