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It has been almost four weeks, since our return from the LAUNCH Festival but it feels like four months. What a crazy ride it has been getting Fanamana baseball ready for the season. How many companies get to demo their first app live at a festival attended by over 5,000 people? The weeks leading up to the event were brutal especially for our developers but our product improved drastically because of the push to be a part of LAUNCH.

We can’t thank Kirin (@kirinkalia) and the entire LAUNCH crew enough for running such an incredible event. Jason Calacanis (@Jason) and Tyler Crowley (@steepdecline) are simply two of the best pitch coaches in the world.  Practicing at Sequoia Captial, sharing a stage with Evan Williams, Chamath Palihapitiya and my personal favorite Naval Ravikant were just a few of the event highlights.

My advice to other startups out there is to do whatever it takes to hustle your way into the next LAUNCH event. It will be worth the effort and is guaranteed to make your pitch and more importantly your product better. I stress product because one thing that can get lost in preparing a pitch to VC’s is the focus on delivering a great product to your users. We’d love to come back next year with Fananama in the 2.0 competition.

So what was the best part of my LAUNCH 2013 experience? By far, it was the interaction with the other teams from all over the world. We hope to keep tabs on all of them and watch their companies grow into great things. I personally met about 30 of the 50 teams between the rehearsals, the demo pit and the parties. I found them all to be both inspiring and crazy.  To them I say, keep at it, and may we all succeed and make the LAUNCH class of ’13 the greatest ever.

The app we presented at Launch, Fanamana Baseball is now available on the Apple App Store.  The live action games will begin a few weeks into the baseball season. For now you can play a rapid-fire game based on last years games. We will have android, tablet and more sports to follow and then on to …………………..well just check back here to find out more.